“Fancy a cuppa?” “Tu veux du thé ?” “Would you care for a cup of tea?”

Tea is the universal language of love and friendship and an indispensable beverage during meetings, interviews, parties and almost everything you can think of.

Having a lonely night? Turn on the kettle!

Struggling to stay awake while completing an assignment? Make yourself a cup of tea.

Prime Teashop understands your love for tea and we’re just as passionate about brewing the perfect cup as you are. Our tea is our pride. We import our tea from a manufacturer that holds over 90 years of experience in the tea industry, located in Northern Germany.

The tea is handpicked from across the World by professional tea selectors and only the finest quality tea leaves make it to Prime Tea, LLC.

The tea goes through a step by step selection process and a consistent method to strain out any components that may be substandard, the tea is examined by PMA Sindelfingen GmbH for quality assurance before it reaches us in the USA.

Strict control of recipes and examination of the ingredients is also undertaken in order to meet International Food Standards and all our teas are IFS certified, this means we excel in the area of food safety and quality, providing our customers in the USA and Canada only the finest products.

Prime Teashop is rapidly becoming America’s favorite tea supplier and has been gaining immense popularity amongst tea lovers for providing fine quality, certified tea to tea lovers across America.

“Our inspiration behind Prime Teashop was to supply the people of USA something different than the average supermarket tea, we wanted to give them true aromatic brew that isn’t widely available in stores.

As a tea lover myself, I often struggled to buy the perfect tea.

My love for tea began when I visited Sri Lanka many years ago and realized that every culture has a unique way of making tea and their tea leaves vary too, this is when I started discovering all the varieties and decided I will bring the finest tea to the USA”.

Our Philosophy

Prime Tea, LLC, strives to build a company based on sound integrity and character. We are not a team of employees, but a family that works together to provide our customers with the highest degree of ethical conduct and reflects responsibility for our actions.


We ensure our customers a personal commitment to always serve you with the best products and customer service and display a performance that becomes our pride.


Trust, credibility, and quality are our major focus and we believe this is what success is built on, we have the policy to give individual attention to each aspect of our business to ensure we are up to the mark.

Why Choose Us?

A cup of tea is more than just a beverage it is an experience that should be cherished and savored sip after sip. Prime Tea LLC is dedicated to providing our customers with an unforgettable tea experience that would leave you asking for more.
We provide our customers in the USA and Canada a massive selection of teas this includes Black Tea, certified Organic Tea, White Tea, Fruit Tea, Herbal blends and many many more.
Our tea business is not about us, it’s about our customers and we strive to provide you with the best tea that you can imagine.
We promise to offer nothing but the best in the market. Our products are quality assured, this is why we are rapidly becoming America’s favorite tea supplier with over hundreds of loyal customers addicted to our tea.
Your health is important to us this is why all our teas are free from artificial colors and flavors, the aroma has been derived only from natural substances.