The benefits of consuming Green Tea

Why should I consume Green Tea?

There is a popular disposition that suggests that drinking Green Tea can help you lose weight, there is no solid research to back this common conception, but debates go back and forth to establish whether this myth has any truth to it or not, Green Tea is also becoming increasingly popular because it is rich in antioxidants which means consuming Green Tea can give you younger looking skin for longer.


How often should I consume Green Tea

The Green Tea leaf is said to contain chlorogenic acids. It is believed that the benefits of this extract include: antioxidant, Green Tea is used for weight loss and to help lower blood pressure.

Maximum three cups a day should be consumed after meals, it will help digest food, too much Green tea is no good for you so it is important to consume only in moderate amounts and not binge on it with the intention to lose weight faster, drinking too much may have adverse effects on your health.

The benefits of using Green Tea

Green Tea benefits include:


Rich in antioxidants

Pure green Tea or organic green Tea is thought to be rich in antioxidants the chlorogenic acid holds strong antioxidant elements that keep our skin young and wrinkle-free.


Regulates Metabolism

Again, the chlorogenic acid does wonder for our body, it is considered to boost our metabolism, this is why green tea for weight loss is considered to be like a magic pill, it reduces too much glucose from entering our blood so, in turn, the body starts using stored fats to meet its glucose requirements. Pure Green Tea helps us burn fats which in turn leads to weight loss. Green Tea leaves even include vitamins and minerals so they don’t leave an after effects on your health.


Decreases appetite

It’s an amazing appetite suppressant, which means it will reduce your hunger pangs this is always good news -no hunger, no weight gain.


Solves health issues

Green Tea leaves have the ability to curb type 2 diabetes as mentioned earlier they reduce glucose levels from entering our bloodstream, which means that not only will we lose weight it will help control type 2 diabetes. It even helps control cholesterol levels, increase immunity, lowers blood pressure, decreases the risk of cardiovascular health problems.

Green Tea is readily available  but the main problem arises in identifying whether the Green Tea is actually organic or not, many retailers claim that their Green Tea is pure but have no evidence or provide no guarantee to back up their claims, Prime Tea, LLC is probably the best place to purchase teas as they are certified to sell organic products imported from an experienced Tea manufacturer based in Germany.

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